IT solutions for businesses, startups and enterprises
We will analyze your business processes, architect the solution that is best for your case and bring it to life.
What we do
Web services
Responsive Inter- and Intra- net solutions, B2B and B2C applications, booking systems.
Mobile applications
Storage Unit Navigation, retail omnichannel applications, graphic designers.
Data Science and BI
Sales trend alanytics, Power BI actionable reports, predictive models.
Custom solutions
Hardware access solutions with payment integration, custom CRMs and ERPs, startups.
Our recent projects
Warning: we are currently in process of compiling our past experiences into comprehensive and informative articles. Check back with us in a couple of days to see more projects that we have done in the past.
Why custom solutions are for you
Business Analytics
Before writing a line of code we work with the client to create a set of use cases and wireframes. It allows us to align the vision of the final product between client and development team.
Exactly what you need
Each solution is created for the exact needs of the business. No extra functions, no loose ends from cutting down a mass-market solution.
Not reinventing the wheel
We recognize the fact that starting every time from scratch is wasteful. We use Microsoft frameworks, professional components from Telerik and thoroughly vetted libraries.
High Quality
Analytics, individual approach and quality components alongside our professional expertise allow us to deliver outstanding products.
Easy modification
When your processes will change or the business evolves - we will be right by your side to help accommodate those changes into our solution. Our analytical work allows us to foresee that growth and establish right extension points for the future.
Everything is possible
The array of ideas, businesses and their processes are incalculable. We strongly believe that every single thing out there is achievable. And we love the challenge.
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